Sampa The Great - Let Me Be Great ft. Angélique Kidjo (Official Music Video)

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Director: Pussykrew @pvssykrew
Producer: Kiley Coleman of Coleman Creative Agency @itskiles

Creative Director: Rha Nembhard @rharha_nembhard
Stylist: Ntombi Moyo @ntombimoyoStylist Assistant Keila Reyes @keilaarey
Hair Stylist: Olivia Mayes-McGriff @crownedbyliv
Makeup Artist: Kendra Dennis @kallherken

Director of Photography: Emmanuella Zachariou @emmanuellazachariou
Gaffer: Jeremy Teran
Key Grip: Marina Oney
1st AC: Curran Banach @currycurran
Swing: Kevin Johnson
Swing: Grant Chappelle
Steadicam Operator: Corey Hess @coreyhess
Digital Technician: Philipp Kurepin @philipp_kurepin

Production Assistant: Zoe Mazzu
Production Assistant: Gabriela Wileman

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These certainly are the signs
Many men left to their own devices
Tell the story, leaving out the cries
It's "Say me, say me"
Uh, quite sucks to be the boss
The hunter should be licking at my balls, I'm a lion
Now, king, men, applause I'm feelin' this
But of course, what is the cost I'm healing now
I'm dealing with my hero's always shitting on my flaws
When I was younger you was on my walls
Now it's "Replace this"
Don't wanna ever be an enemy nigga
So I figure I could carve my own path
Soaring, I'm am exhibit an my name
I'm Sammy, I'm Tembo, I'm Eve, I'm Sampa, I'm great

Remember when there's doubt, fear
You would have your voice in the song in your ear
You can time travel, any month, any year
You're the greatest, yeah I told you 'cause it's what you need to hear
Young Tembo we...
Let me be great
[Verse 2]
Forever ever, and ever ever and ever ever, and ever, I'ma be great
And you can never fail
Where even when you fall you prevail
And you can never lessen with a lesson
And I've been pressing, something
It's not about impressing I'm expressing
And every path I pave still stressing
And Simon said, "Stay in your lane"
If I stayed out and played with them little rhyme books
Singing Tupac hooks
Still ignoring the fact that a queen named Lauryn
Said that you can conquer any hill
That's how I feel, that's how I feel
My vision, I'm impeccable
Every strength gain, every stage, detectable
Looking to the future for a vision, no spectacle
It's legacy, it's what I see, huh
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Music video by Sampa The Great performing Let Me Be Great. © 2022 Loma Vista Recordings., Distributed by Concord.