T-Low- Echo Ukabila (Official Video)

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Echo Ukabila? ( Is this what you want or wanted? After an experience of emotional Break downs, I Personally came to realize & Conclude that there is no perfection to this subject of *Love* . Assumptions & reviews will certainly be given by People due to their various Encounters with Different People of different Morals & Norms. If you're going to settle with someone, you need to clearly understand that there will be things you will never change about them, You will be hurt at some Point so your Expectations Need to have some room for Errors & Disappointments. Man was Created to explore, There is no satisfaction towards what the Heart wants, just As You can never be content with many things of this world but you choose to accept situations & Conditions as they are.
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video credits: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/12nVqd9IyeggtZdW2NYgYwd1WkOUl0mfn